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“Insurers don’t compete on price - they compete on service” “Don’t compete on price,” said Yoann Michaux, Partner IBM. But how else should insurers compete? In this video, Yoann and I talk about alternative strategies and concrete use cases of insurers that are doing it. #ibmpartner Yoann is co-author of IBM’s newest whitepaper (see here I gave it to several senior decision-makers of midsize and large insurers - and shared their feedback with Yoann. See what they said and how Yoann took the stand.
From a scale from 1 to 10 - how important is the future of the #insurance industry when applying these topics? - Lessons from insurance history- Platform economics- Lifestyle concierge- Voice In the second part in our series, I asked Bea Elbert of IBM and we had a lot of fun discussing this and the use cases at ERGO Group AG, Groupama and MetLife. I am curious what you think. Are these trends important? Also, have a look at the IBM white paper, Three Pillars of Insurance Transformation:
Our first out of 3 IBM executives interviews about the 3 pillars of insurance transformation. It is our honor to have Mark McLauglin the Global Insurance Director of IBM. Dr. Robin Kiera always says in his talks "you need to win the hearts, minds and home screens of your customers". And yes being their risk partner would be beneficial with our current crisis. We asked Mark with the latest buzzwords of the industry with "hot" or "not" tagging. And how these topics can be tools to have stronger relationships with your customers that even Giants like Amazon cannot touch. Curious about which ones are “hot” and “not”? Watch and learn what are these buzzwords and more about Mark's industry insights.
I always believe that being relevant to your customers should not always come with costs. Imagine if Google wanted us to pay for its Map service, I think they will be more insanely rich - but they did not. We need to admit it, people love free stuff and when you have people coming to you - these are selling opportunities. We all know why Google created the Map we're using - so why not copy the strategy based on your customers' needs. And by doing these freebies for your customers you can build a collection of data - these can be problems, needs, and wants of your customers. From this data - you can now create solutions and urgency for your new profitable products. Insurers - what are your best free services for your clients or customers?
It is normal to see some companies come and others go but I have to underline that the insurance ecosystem is still staying strong and the emerging trends from disruptions are now becoming enablement. With increasing funding rounds (despite all challenges), some insurtech startups are forging alliances with insurance incumbents yielding their business models from B2C to B2B or even B2B2C - the game changer now is their expertise on how they can support the traditional companies on their innovations and digital transitions. As I have mention traditional brokers need to flex their muscles with these kinds of collaborations that we're having for them to stay in the business - consolidation is expected to be more obvious in the coming years. But, never ever expect that all startups are kind enough to help - I am also seeing bold full-stack insurtech startups can still be the uber of the insurance industry - traditional players should keep an eye for this to avoid another level of disruptions.
Probably some would agree that one of the best apps ever made was Google Maps - why? Because it provides great value to the users making the world easier to navigate and a lot easier to explore. To become the best of 2007 - the year the iphone was published - you did not need to provide such a service. It was enough to simulate drinking beer out of your cellphone. Nowadays apps need to provide a lot of value in order not to be deleted after a few days from the phone. We have WhatsApp giving free call all over the globe making the world small. We also have LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many more providing connections to everyone right on their fingertips - don't forget WeChat our gateway to China. Don't just develop app - be your customer's go to app.
Do you think we have the proper decision-makers in the insurance companies who are bold enough to drive for changes like tech, digital transformations and culture - especially for the new normal inflicted by the crisis? 90's sales strategies and achievements are irrelevant nowadays and the question is would they hit the red button to trigger company revamp during and after the crisis customers? Here are 2 cents.
Insurance and Finance - Don't be as stupid as I have been! It's the excuse that I kept telling myself that was holding me back from founding digitalscouting. The truth of the matter is everyone wants certain things in life. But we are also really good at talking ourselves out of taking actions that will help us achieve them. Me too. We try to find reasons not to take action - what is everyone going to think, who would ever want to listen to me, I'm not an expert, etc. - and end up not doing it. That shouldn't be your story. So, my biggest plea to insurance and finance especially startups don't make the biggest regret as I have done over the last 7 years. You need to start somewhere, don't be afraid to try new things, use the Internet for your business aspirations, create social media contents that would bring value to your customers and never be demoralized by the numbers of reach, likes, shares and comments because even the most known marketing legend Gary Vaynerchuk never believed in algorithms. Don't be stupid as I have been.
There will be no Uber of Insurance Would you agree with me now that we should not expect the #Uber of #Insurance? Or maybe now we'll see one?
The Power of AI in Customer Engagement in Insurance and Insurtech| Panel at 2020 Finovate Europe I met with Petri Vuorinen, the Chief Digital Officer of LähiTapiola Mutual, Nikolaus Sühr, CEO & founder of Kasko Ltd, and Xavier Gomez, Chief Operating Officer and founder of INVYO, at the 2020 Finovate Europe tech conference. I was interested in the answers to the following questions:• How to structure Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in a company?• How to use AI to build a powerful team that can lead the brand into the future?• What companies can do in today’s global environment to improve and grow customer engagement in insurance? All three are leaders in the field of AI and customer engagement. For example, Kasko assists insurance companies to take digital products to market within 6 weeks by developing these products on their proprietary MGA operating system. LähiTapiola Mutual is a 200-year old company that has remained relevant by embracing digital change. And, finally, INVYO develops cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) tools that enable insurance companies of all sizes to adopt a data-driven strategy. In this video, they share insights based on their unique experiences on the potential of AI to automate repetitive tasks, gain unique insights from large unstructured datasets, and inject AI methodologies into current business processes to ensure data-driven decision making that is relevant in today’s business world.
Insurance and Finance Community - We will Meet Again The corona virus forced us to our uncertainties and tough times.Declining economies, stirred governments, community quarantine, and closed businesses. Digitalscouting has grown due to a kind, generous and helpful community. It is our time to give back. Over the last few weeks, we were touched by the spirit and the support of the insurance, finance, and other communities. So we decided to capture this special spirit and underline what we are strongly believe in. With grateful support from our superstar friends like, Jim Marous, Robin Robertson, Nikolaus Sühr, Amber Wuollet, Alexandre Rispal, Ebru Cetin, Ryan Mathisen, Tony Canyas, Paolo Sironi, Patrick Kelahan, Roger Peverelli, Tunde Salako, Gilad Shai, Nigel Walsh, Désirée Mettraux, Karl Heinz Passler, Joel Bassani, Hugues Bertin, Caribou Honig, Charlotte Halkett, Julian Teicke, Brett King, Christian Wiens, Ted Taveras, Arleen T. Taveras, Jenny Weidner, Naby Mariyam, Olivier Jaillon, David Brear, Sabine VanderLinden, Rob Galbraith, Marguerite Murer. We have a special message, "Stay strong, stick together, and soon,WE WILL MEET AGAIN".
Ecosystems threat or opportunity for insurance agents? | DKM Are ecosystems a threat or an opportunity for insurance agents and brokers? The good news is digital transformation is leveling the playing fields. We just need to be creative with our strategies in marketing, CRM, business process, and sales This was true before the crisis and will be afterward. What do you think? Watch my DKM Talk in German.
the future of a lot of companies in the insurance industry is being largely decided by how decision-makers find efficient and effective answers to these non-trivial challenges.
I had an interesting discussion with Neil Gardner of Chief Customer Officer Asia of Generalli and Arthur Lee CEO of One Degree HK not only about the customer trends and how insurance, but agents and brokers are also reacting to serve them.
"Insurance is more than claims and underwriting" - Sandra John, Head of Claims and Underwriting at LV1871 We need to acknowledge that public perceptions about #insurance are not really favorable for the industry. Even in Germany where the pay rate percentage for claims is good enough but still customers have to go through rigorous questions and traditional processes. I had a discussion from a non-insurance friend and said "it is easy to get and pay but really hard to get what you paid for" he added, "How I wish insurance can be as easy as buying things in #Amazon and you will know when you will receive the package". "We want to Fight this" as per Sandra, Head of Claims and Underwriting at LV1871 - they want to improve these misconceptions about insurance by creating a customer-centric "portal" that would shorten the process, with full transparency on the current status and make it more breezier for customers to process their claims. LV1871 believes that if the market will have the impression that their insurance can become a partner in their life and without these tiring process insurance would become a necessity for the common households.