Gary Vee Insights: Mistakes in Parenting and Business

Beware! Avoid these businesses and parenting mistakes ASAP. After our superstar episode for insurance & finance with Gary Vaynerchuk, I immediately called my wife about these parenting mistakes that I might not aware of. Forcing our children as our reflections.We’re worried about what others think forcing our children to be great for us to look […]

Guy Kawasaki: What He Learned Working with Steve Jobs

We really can’t doubt the fact that Steve Jobs was one of the great minds of our tech history with his achievements in Apple. But what is more significant are the learnings behind these success realized by privileged people who worked with him. One of those personalities is a “guy” we are now looking forward […]

New Ways to Sell for Mittelstand with Dr. Robin Kiera – The Digital Mittelstand EP:17

New Ways to Sell for Mittelstand with Dr. Robin Kiera- The Digital Mittelstand Ep:17

The Mittlestand may have already got the hang of being successful, but we can’t deny that they still need to develop and adapt to changes. In the 17th episode of The Digital Mittelstand, Dr. Robin Kiera had a lovely conversation with its host, Can Adiguzel, about the new ways to sell for Mittlestand. To identify the new ones, old school sales methods must first be identified and understood why it would not work for us anymore. Robin shared one very important thing to do instead and even advised business owners to try it out themselves. Robin eventually narrowed down how mittlestand can do better at the later part of the interview with three straightforward and attainable steps worth every decision makers’ note to ponder. Many have already taken the leap of faith, and the mittlestand will surely never miss out on this opportunity.

Together We Made It And We Will Make It – Happy Holidays

But I saw a lot of strong spirits that never resigned but that spread hope – also in our industry. To our friends in #insurance, #finance and beyond industries who are celebrating the #Christmas – please cherish the moment realizing that together we made it this year and we will make it for the years […]

“Thank you, industry heroes” – Digitalscouting Year-End Greetings

2020 has seen its fair share of the decade’s one for the books in a little over a year. Our lives have come to a halt in a way like never before, leaving us struggling to respond to a rapidly spreading virus and uncertain of the days to come. Every waking hour is a challenge […]

The Worst C-Suite Excuse

I believe that finding excuses holds us back in achieving our goals. What’s worse is when it becomes a habit that will forever prohibit us from doing something we have always wanted – or achieving our full potential. I was not born with everything I know now. Like everybody else, I started working from scratch […]

Insurance Sales is Dead

Sales for insurance agents like me 15 years ago is a tedious process. We had to call and send long and boring letters to each of the people on our list to schedule a meeting and sell insurance products. I’m lucky to share this experience with my keynote speech at Keylane last year. Looking back, […]

Why Google Ads Are Not Good Deal Anymore

It was the year 2000 when Google gave birth to the first-ever self-serve online advertising platform – Google Ads. It works on a pay-per-click advertising method in which advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked. I briefly explained why google ads are not a good deal anymore in my keynote speech at Keylane last […]

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