No more Powerpoint – It’s Platform Economics and Ecosystems

Everything is in a constant state of change, and we need to keep pace. That’s why we don’t need a digital strategy. We need a strategy for the digital world. In my interview with the CEO of OCC Assekuradeur GmbH, Désirée Mettraux, the topic of platform economy was brought up. Désirée further explained that to […]

Why Amazon Does Not Play Around?

Why Amazon does not play around?

The Insurance industry keeps on improving as time goes by. Modern innovative techniques are coming out every day. If there is one thing that the industry should learn more about, that is disrupting itself. I shared Amazon’s famous disruption in my keynote speech at Keylane last year. Weird as it may sound, but it is […]

The Four Attackers in Insurance

Technology is a powerful weapon but it is not alone. In my keynote speech at Keylane, I revealed the Four (4) Attackers in Insurance that we should keep an eye on. Some of the attackers that made it on my list are often disregarded, old or new players would need to keep their guards up.

Insurance: “Design is not a Democracy” – Why design is a CEO topic – Désirée Mettraux

Congratulations for winning the Red Dot Design Award for their radical redesign. I just talked with Désirée Mettraux about why Design is a CEO duty. When you take over a traditional insurance company as CEO and you need to fundamentally transform it, there are a lot of things to spend your time on. Design rarely appears as one. At the classical car insurer OCC […]

IBM on Insurance and Insurtech “Insurer don’t compete on price – compete on service”

“Insurers don’t compete on price – they compete on service” “Don’t compete on price,” said Yoann Michaux, Partner IBM. But how else should insurers compete? In this video, Yoann and I talk about alternative strategies and concrete use cases of insurers that are doing it. #ibmpartner Yoann is co-author of IBM’s newest whitepaper (see here I gave it to […]

Insurance and Finance Community – We will Meet Again

Insurance and Finance Community – We will Meet Again The corona virus forced us to our uncertainties and tough times.Declining economies, stirred governments, community quarantine, and closed businesses. Digitalscouting has grown due to a kind, generous and helpful community. It is our time to give back. Over the last few weeks, we were touched by […]

4 Trends in Fintech 2020

Is Crypto dead – which role will Ripple play? What is the future of PSD2 and AI? What about super apis like Yolt and Tink? Which role will insurtech and fintech play in the finance industry?  Finovate Europe 2020 in Berlin, Germany was a great event, well organized and with splendid speakers. I had the […]

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