How CEOs Should View and Approve Social Media Strategies

Let’s face it. Social media has become a necessity for businesses and this includes CEOs and decision-makers. It’s no longer an option. Funny, because 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs still aren’t on social media and 32% have at least a single social media account. On a lighter note, younger CEOs are more to social media […]

The Follow-Unfollow Scheme

Notice how your followership is fluctuating. Could you might be a victim of the dreaded “follow unfollow” scheme. I understand this is a popular growth method especially on Instagram – and it works! However, should we just shrug it off or call out this self-focused scheme? How does it work? An influencer’s account follows you, […]

Introducing “TikTok Stories”

TikTok Story

TikTok jumps in the social media app trend of adding stories with the pilot testing of a new feature called, “TikTok Stories”. It was first discovered by a guy named Matt Navarra who posted about it on Twitter and was later confirmed by TikTok. This is another move to innovate and present new creative ways […]

Networking During the Pandemic

“Your Network is Your Net Worth”. In this book by Porter Gale, he wrote, “I believe that your social capital, or your ability to build a network of authentic personal and professional relationships, not your financial capital, is the most important asset in your portfolio.” Businesses require networking with or without a pandemic. It’s more […]

Tip of the Week: Why B2B Branding is Critical?


Branding Matters. It’s the reason why customers should choose us over the competitors. Therefore, it should be clear and consistent, not blurry, shaky, and questionable. Are we conveying the right messages? Is the branding we’ve set the same with the branding our customers have in mind? Do we know what’s going on in our customer’s […]

Poll Question Results: “Which Marketing Strategy Do You Prioritize?”

Marketers should practice prioritization because if not, everything will only be half-baked. Nothing stands out. Prioritization is more effective than throwing stones at all targets and not hitting anything.  We wanted to find out which marketing strategy is on top of the priority list and posted the question, “Which marketing strategy do you prioritize?” on […]

Hashtags for Your Quick Social Media Post

Hashtags can be a game-changer to our social media engagement. We use hashtags all the time but there are tips and tricks to make them work for us. Knowing the right ones to use can increase our stats, boost our engagement, broaden our audience reach, gain new followers, and build brand awareness. We have four […]

Insurance and Finance Community – We will Meet Again

Insurance and Finance Community – We will Meet Again The corona virus forced us to our uncertainties and tough times.Declining economies, stirred governments, community quarantine, and closed businesses. Digitalscouting has grown due to a kind, generous and helpful community. It is our time to give back. Over the last few weeks, we were touched by […]

Free Remote Attention Hacking for your Clients and Colleagues

Need help with Hacking the Attention of your client or remote employee? We help – for Free Special times need special actions. A lot movers and shakers asked tips for how to motivate and manage their newly remote teams. One idea: provide inspiring, team building, tailor made content. You all made Digitalscouting grow – and […]

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